Cash Bar – Cash bar is available and requires a $600 minimum purchase by your guests. Our prices for most beers are $3.50/bottle, and most wines and mixed drinks are $4.50/glass. The host(ess) of the function will be billed for the remainder of the balance due if the original $600 minimum is not met.

Open Bar – Open bar is considered the ‘old way’ of charging for bar service. Prices for open bar are: $9.00/person per hour for the first 2 hours, $5.00 per person for each additional hour. (Honestly, I haven’t charged for a traditional open bar in 10 years – they’re just a waste of money.)

Consumption Based Bar – Consumption based bar is considered the ‘new way’ of charging for bar service. To your guests the bar looks like a traditional open bar, but behind the scenes it runs like a cash bar. Here’s how consumption works: The bartenders use a 1/6 bottle system and bottle counts to keep track of drinks sold. At the end of the consumption bar period, we total up the marks – and that’s what you pay for. There is a $600 minimum for consumption based bar service. Service can be by hour (for example: 2 hours before dinner, 1 hour after), by type of alcohol (for example: beer & wine consumption, cash bar for liquor) or by dollar amount (for example: $1,000 for consumption, then cash after that.)

The D & R Depot believes that parties should be fun – but having a good time can’t come at the expense of safety and NYS Liquor or DWI Laws. The D &R Depot will not serve any guests that are underage or visibly intoxicated. If a minor, or a person that has been denied service, is found consuming alcoholic beverages, the D & R Depot reserves the right to terminate the bar services.The D & R Depot reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime for any reason. In addition, the D & R Depot can end bar service at any time if the bartenders or function manager feel the bar service is adding to an unsafe environment, illegal actions, or a potential liability for the D & R Depot Restaurant, Inc., the function’s host or the function’s banquet location. Therefore, all alcohol must be provided by and served by the D & R Depot for all events that have a D & R Depot Restaurant bar available. It is our policy that no alcoholic beverages are permitted to be brought into or removed from our catered events. The D & R Depot Restaurant, Inc. will provide responsible bartenders for your event. All cash/hosted bars must accompany food & beverage provided by the D & R Depot Restaurant, Inc.



For further information, questions, or to book a date, please call Nancy or Sean at (585) 768-6270, or e-mail us at drdepot@yahoo.com.

Hours: 7 Days a Week - 7am-11am for Breakfast, and 11am-9pm for lunch or dinner.